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Cait has been practicing and teaching Pilates for over a decade. She is a passionate, energetic, caring teacher who loves empowering her students to have a greater sense of awareness, embodiment, and connection to their center through Pilates. She emphasizes the power of the breath to calm the nervous system and to help individuals function at their fullest capacity. Cait has worked with athletes, those suffering from chronic pain and injuries, pre/post-natal women, and those training to become Pilates teachers. Cait believes Pilates is truly for everyone, and she meets her clients where they are in each moment giving them the tools to fulfill their goals and transform themselves. Cait continually deepens her study and evolution as a teacher by attending workshops and by learning from Master Pilates and Yoga teachers. When she is not teaching or practicing, she loves being outdoors, traveling, hiking, meditating, enjoying live music, and spending time with her husband and new baby.


Inside Out Pilates, 2007   Jupiter, Florida    300-hour Pilates internship  

The Pilates Center, 2009    Boulder, Colorado   1000-hour Advanced Teacher Training Program

Om Time Yoga, 2012     Boulder, Colorado   220-hour Yoga Teacher Training

Program Polestar Pilates, 2014     Denver, Colorado   450-hour Comprehensive Rehabilitation Training


Cranial Sacral Training, 2015   Denver, Colorado  The Body Whisperer Level 1 and 2


The Studio. 

Caitlin currently teaches private and group sessions. The studio is located in Longmont, Colorado. Please contact Caitlin for more information regarding price and availability.