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Cait Lindsey is a remarkable teacher and person. She has a deep and experiential knowledge of the practice of Pilates and is an insightful communicator. She has a wisdom about position, anatomy and movement that belie her young age, and her passion for the practice shows with every comment. Cait is confident, yet gentle; serious, yet relaxed; highly accomplished, yet always open to learning more. She is that rare person who is able to push her clients to achieve success while making the entire process fun and engaging. I envy any person who is lucky enough to work with her.
— Amie K.- Denver, Co

What makes Caitlin’s pilates instruction truly unique is that she specifically tailors your practice based on your goals and on any injuries or sensitivities you might have. She truly helps you to understand your body, and gives articulate cues that help you get deeper into your practice. Since Caitlin moved away, I have not been able to find another instructor who pushed me nearly as hard, while at the same time making sure my form is correct, and who can help me develop the strength I need to move to the next level.
I wish I could still be working with her - she is a true gem!
— Lisa, Denver, CO

I have tried many studios and teachers and instantly connected with Cait. She is a wonderful, passionate teacher who has studied extensively over the years. She has helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally through the Pilates method. I can’t thank you enough, Cait!
— Patty D., Boulder, CO

You haven’t experienced Pilates until you experience it with Cait!!! She’s the absolute best!
— Jennifer E., Denver, Co

I worked with Caitlin through my entire pregnancy and came back only a month after I gave birth. She is so knowledgeable about pre/post natal Pilates. I felt safe, strong, and well prepared to go into labor and ready to get my Pilates body back. Thank you!
— Cara, Denver, CO

I began seeing Caitlin after a bad car accident. She was so patient, caring, and present during each session. I went from being in daily chronic pain to mountain biking, hiking, and feeling like myself again. I would highly recommend, Caitlin.
— William, Boulder, CO